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Monday, November 5, 2012

D Man!

This little dude had school pictures taken last week so I snapped a handful myself before he headed out on the bus. Can you tell he isn't a fan of the sun?
Little man started expressing interest in learning how to read thanks to his friend Brandon who was a very early reader. We introduced him to some early readers and over the course of a couple of days he was comfortable reading several of them. It has been so rewarding seeing him advance in his word recognition.
Dawson's current loves include: Legos, Tom & Jerry cartoons & his Nintendo DSI. He will sit content for looooong periods of time engrossed in playing his DS if we allow it. Too bad it couldn't magically teach him to read, write, encourage his weekly scripture memorization, etc. Wouldn't that be a beautiful thing?!

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Lynee said...

What a handsome little guy. Starting to read? So cool!! I'm very glad he gets to hang out with my Little Bear and be like a big brother to him.