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Friday, November 16, 2012

Hicks Halloween

What is there to say really?
 3 kids + 
A family friendly neighborhood + 
 Trick or Treating = 
Lots of Candy!
This year my uber fun loving, shopaholic, creative sole friend Holly styled our kiddos. 
In other words, we recycled her kids costumes from last year and BAM our kids instantly became the stinkin' cutest Jedi, Princess Leia & Yoda. 
Her talented mother-in-law sewed these costumes. 
{Holly informed me that Gabrielle wore the Princess Leia costume backwards. Oops! }
The weather was PERFECT! The Lankford's and the Rigdon's joined us in our hood for pizza & trick or treating. McKenna amazed us by wearing her costume, including the hat, the entire night. She was such a spit fire to watch. She was determined to keep up with the bigs and would scurry herself up to the entryway, cautiously crawling up the steps and would then thrust her hand out for a piece (or several) of candy. She would do this several houses in a row and would then resort to crawling back into the wagon to unwrap a sweet treat and indulge. Stinker. 
She was too.darn.cute! 
We did miss several traditions this year which were somewhat of a bummer. Due to Travis's work schedule combined with uncooperative weather temps, we didn't make it to the pumpkin patch. We have also attended the Twaddell's annual Halloween party the last several years and they chose not to host this year with plans to have a huge one next Halloween. 
This year did bring several new traditions that were fun and we will look forward to in future years. Travis and the kids planted pumpkin seeds in the summer and our backyard turned into a mini pumpkin patch of our own. It looked like a jungle really, but did in fact produce some nice pumpkins! We also carved two large pumpkins with the kids. More on that in the following post.

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Mo said...

Your kiddos had the cutest halloween costumes I saw this year. Loved it!