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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hello, My name is Christine and I am Obsessive Compulsive

I recently noticed I had several (10 to be exact) blog posts which remained in draft form, so expect to see a random blog post here and there :)

This isn't something that I have just recently come to terms with. It is something I have struggled with for a very long time now. Something I hold onto with the grip of death. Call it OCD, call it being type A, call it what you will. I own it! As I was going about my day today doing mindless tasks, it just became so clear to me how methodical I become in doing certain things. Take for example loading the dishwasher. I have a way of loading it so that I can maximize the space provided. I will rearrange the dirty dishes so that I might fit a handful more into the wash before running it. Mind you, the prewashing of dishes is in and of itself a whole other arena of OCD. When anyone else loads my dishwasher it is a guarantee that I will unload it and reload to my liking. Stupid! I have issues with the laundry too. I won't do a load until I have a "full" load and then I am UBER particular about sorting and folding. Here is the crazy thing. I actually enjoy doing laundry. Yep, tizz true! Now ironing. Well, that is a different thing. I HATE when other people do my laundry. Emphasis on the word hate. Well, other than my mom cuz truth be told she does it exactly like I do. Where do you think I learned from? Keeping with the cleaning and household theme I am soooooo over the top when it comes to shredding ANY and ALL papers that contain our names, address or any particulars that give way to identity. I can fill up the shredder in no time. A little ridiculous. I would say so. I jumped on the recycling band wagon when we moved into our current home in October 2009. I get this angry pang when I find something in the trash that belongs in the recycle bin (i.e. beverage bottles & the likes - ahem Travis!). He thinks it is crazy the measures I go to to rinse, dry and recycle OH nearly EVERYTHING! I am a little crazy about making the beds, my hair washing routine, reading/reviewing mail and paperwork of ALL kinds, keeping the checkbook balanced to the exact penny 24/7/365. So with all my areas of OCD, I really desire for it to spill over into areas that I can't seem to "manage" to the degree that I would like such as organization and storage of photos & the respective disks, purging of unnecessary items, keeping track of our expenditures and {coupon} savings.
Why am I taking the time (or wasting the time depending how you view it) to log this madness? Call me crazy, but I am hopeful that in doing so it will hold me a little accountable to work on these things. To relax a little over the not so important things and refocus that time and energy into those areas which I wish to develop a better system for. I'm headed on the right track.
Monkeys, if and when you read this years down the road please know your mommy wasn't completely crazy. Just admittedly a little cuckoo in certain areas :)
It is very apparent that you two oldest have a little OCD of your own. We can't keep enough hand soap in our stock pile as you are forevermore washing your hands. Good habit? For the most part. Bad for your eczema prone skin? Yes. A little too much hand washing? Definitely.


Anonymous said...

Not sure that you got the OCD from me though sweetheart! In certain areas maybe, but definitely not the dishwasher loading. As you know, I basically handwash most of mine because I cannot figure out how to load the darn thing! Maybe you could teach me? Mom

Buelows said...

Love you crazy OCD and all :) I kinda LOVE it because its fun to have someone else who understands the deep true desire[crazy as it sounds] even passion to be so methodical about such daily routines. hehe you had be at "I am obsessive compulsive"
mwah- Heather