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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sealed with a Kiss

Winter break from school was welcomed this year. The kids time home from school seemed to go by too quickly and before we knew it they were back in the swing of things this past Monday. 
I had hopes of scheduling play dates with friends from outside our school district, fun outings & events and such to occupy our time during their extended break. Instead we pretty well hunkered down at home and let the days pass by with free play with a few afternoons of baking and crafting inner mixed. The kids didn't complain and nor did I.
One late morning during break I wanted to capture Gabrielle reading to her siblings. She is so good about taking the time to read to them when I ask her to. As soon as little miss saw the camera she offered up her cheese.
McKenna received this book in her stocking from Papa and Mema this year. It is perfect for the toddler years and a wonderful addition to our Christmas book collection.
As I was sitting back enjoying the moment (the quiet, non-arguing/fighting that is) this happened and my momma heart exploded. Ack! I'll take the good and the pullmyhairoutbythefistfull bad for moments like these.  I love these kiddos.
MJ either doses out the kisses by the dozen or reserves them all for her favorite four legged friend, Quila {who is photo bombing this picture in hopes of scoring a Whopper}. This was one of those days when she was sharing the love and her sissy was on the receiving end!  Although there is six years age difference between Gabrielle and McKenna, my prayer is that they will grow up to be the very best of sister friends.

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