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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Teeth Tickling

Tuesday Gabrielle and Dawson were scheduled for their semi annual dental exam. Travis had the day off from work so he was able to accompany us to the appointment. The kids argued over who got to be first so Travis flipped a coin - Dawson heads, Gabi tails. Gabrielle won! McKenna took great interest in watching Gabrielle get her teeth cleaned so when it was Dawson's turn to climb into the examination chair, up she went with him.
She laid as still as could be intently watching Dawson get his teeth cleaned. The dental hygienist asked us if we would like for her to see if McKenna was receptive to having her teeth cleaned. Fortunately we were scheduled at the end of the day and were her last patients. Of course we said "Yes, please!" McKenna wasn't too keen on laying on the exam chair however we found that if she was standing and I also had my hand on the cleaning instrument that she was very cooperative. Hooray! Our newly turned two year old got to have her teeth tickled. 
And here she is rockin' some Hello Kitty sunglasses with Dr. Jill counting her pearly princesses. All looked great. 20 shiny whites in all with no signs of her 2 year molars coming through at this time. She had quite a little melt down when it was time to remove and return the sunglasses however that was remedied quickly when she was offered a cup of soft serve ice cream. That's our girl! 

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GiGi said...

The kids must have a fun dentist.
Good to have a good experience. I will show this to Aunt Shari when she visits in 10 days.