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Sunday, January 20, 2013

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

I mentioned in this post that the "bigs" single handedly decorated the tree this year. The tree is situated in the corner of what is meant to be our formal dining room just inside the front door. The kids were admiring their ornaments in the glow of the lights following Christmas Eve candle light service at church. In truth,  they were making an effort to stall bedtime in anticipation of waking to gifts under the tree. Take note there isn't a ONE under the tree in these picture. McKenna would have wasted no time in opening them if there had been :)
I grabbed the camera and took a few pictures from the entry way. 
Someday I would like to have a beautifully decorated tree with white lights and tasteful trimmings but for now, I will embrace the multi colored lights and mismatch of ornaments. The kids think it is beautiful, so so do I! 

1 comment:

GiGi said...

I think your tree was great. Travis put it up after Thanksgiving so i could see it. The kids did a good job!!