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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Embrace the Camera: November 3, 2011

My heart bleeds a little each time I look at my sweet MJ and know that she is our last baby blessing from the Lord. She is growing so fast and changing with each passing day. My talented friend and neighbor provided these keepsake photos marking McKenna at 9 months of age. I will forever treasure them!

Little Miss,
You are the littlest love of our life! There is nothing that brings us more happiness than to watch Gabrielle and Dawson interact with you, to see your face light up when Daddy walks into the room, the way you lean into your Mema and look at her with such love in your eyes when she sings to you, the way you laugh from the depths of your tummy at your Papa & most of all the way you love Mommy best. Tis true! You are a Momma's girl and for this I am thankful as I know in time you will become a Daddy's girl just as your sissy did. We love you McKenna Jane. YOU complete US!


Mo said...

As she gets older I think she's looking more like the "D" man. I love your Embrace the camera photos lately.

Chelsea said...

Awesome pictures!