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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Little Ravens

GG treated Gabrielle to a morning cheer clinic at Olathe Northwest High School which was hosted by the Ravens cheerleader team. She counted down the days until the clinic and was so excited when the morning finally came. The clinic was 3 hours with the morning ending with a parent performance. Each class, K - 5, learned several cheers and the older girls did a little dance skit.

All the girls who participated in the clinic were invited to perform during the 1st quarter of the ONW Varsity football game on Thursday night the 13th. The girls were just that - girls! Giddy, giggly, busy bodies.

Poor girl has suffered something fierce this year with her allergies. I seriously chuckled out loud when I uploaded the photos I took as many (OK, most!) have her nose in sniff mode. I'm looking forward to a new calendar year when we can have Gabi scheduled for allergy testing to get her on the right path to a better way of living. The Claritan, Flonase & inhalers aren't cutting it. She has resorted to the old man's snort. You know which one I'm talking about. Yeah, the one that makes you shutter with disgust. Uh huh, that's our girl.

Look out Little Ravens - Gabi is on your turf and she has some mean cheer skills!

An out take showing the obnoxiousness cuteness - of G's snorts :)


Anonymous said...

Darling little (big) girl! Where you a cheerleader Christine? Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

My goodness...were*

Chelsea said...

Oh that is so sweet! I will never forget the cheer clinic I took. It's burned into my memories. So much fun!