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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dishing the Dirt

Hi Monkeys,
Mommy feels compelled to share a little secret with you. Today was the day we set aside to "deck the halls" and "trim the tree." Daddy pulled up all the storage totes and the tree and set to work. You each began a happy dance running up and down the stairs staying on his heals. You ripped into the totes unloading things as fast as your hands would allow you to. The front room was quickly covered in ornaments, tissue, strands of lights, an assortment of holiday beanie babies, etc. I did what I do every year and began putting out the Christmas dishes and storing our every day table ware. When I walked back to the front of the house my blood pressure rose. You see, I enjoy decorating the mantle and the little things, but when it comes to the tree I prefer to take a back seat. Your Daddy pokes fun of me saying it is because it is work. And it is, I won't argue with that. I don't know what it is about the process of fluffing, stringing lights, strategically placing ornaments & topping the tree with a golden star that I have a distaste for. Maybe it is my deep desire to have a NEW tree. A tall, slender, pre-lit tree with beautiful trimmings. I will have that someday, but for today we have our tree. The same tree your Daddy and I have had since the year we met and fell in love - 1999.  We called a time out (it is totally fair for you to interpret this as mommy having a bad attitude and was the one needing a time out) and took a short break from the decorating. When we came back together your Daddy did something I am very grateful for. He told us he was going to go outside and put lights on the rose bushes and shrubs leaving us to finish trimming the tree. It was then that I had a change of heart. I watched as you marveled over some of the prettier ornaments and recalled when and where you had made or acquired others. I want to make the tradition of preparing our home for Christmas a happy memory for each of you so I vow to take on a new attitude (one of gratitude as we are instilling in you) in the years to come.
Here are a few closing memories from this year:
McKenna,you wouldn't nap with all the fuss going on downstairs so you joined in the mess making. You sucked on lights (unplugged of course) and found a Pottery Barn sterling ball ornament that you took a shining to.
Dawson, you were gung-ho out of the gate, but quickly lost steam until I started handing you specific ornaments and telling you the story behind it.
Gabrielle, you were in your diva decorating limelight, taking charge and being the ultimate helper elf.
Gabi, GG gave you kids a really pretty gingerbread house night light that you claimed as your own. You have it plugged in at the foot of your bed and it lights up your room so bright we question how it is possible you can sleep. We have found both you and Dawson sitting in front of it admiring it.
After the decorating was complete and Daddy and I were working on the clean up, MJ napped while you two older kiddos laid out on the family room floor with the basket of Christmas books. My goal is to read at least one book a day from now through the new year.
Mommy needs to print out a new set of scriptures and hang the advent calendar in preparation for December 1st. I commit to reading and praying the scriptures with you daily.
Daddy cut the perfect branches for our thankful tree that will now hold your beanie ornaments.

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