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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Schaake's Pumpkin Patch 2011

The Sunday before Halloween we played hooky from church (ssshhh, don't tell) and headed West to Lawrence to the Schaake's Family Pumpkin Patch. We have always gone to the KC Pumpkin Patch in years past but wanted to try somewhere new this year. Schaake's is just a short drive up the highway, VERY family friendly and best of all FREE. They have many of the likely attractions such as a hay maze, children's play area, donuts & cider, etc just on a smaller scale.

Travis was a sport (or should I say goof?) and knelt behind this prop to get his photo with the kids. Have you ever taken notice that Dawson isn't a fan of the sun being in his eyes? Well, me either!

Yep, I think our 3 are about as cute as they come. Would you believe Gabi picked out their clothes? She did pretty good coordinating outfits whether she intended to or not only she will know.

If I haven't said it before, (which I'm sure I have and I'm even more sure I will say again at some point) McKenna is thee best baby! She is just so laid back and happy to tag along with whatever we are doing. Here she is chilled watching G & D play in the kids area.

Gabi wanted to take her chances at pummeling a target with the mini pumpkin sling shot. She rocked it and came oh so close to hitting one.

Here you can see the pumpkin headed right for the ghost.

I want to look back at this age/stage in the kids life and remember that wherever Gabi is, Dawson is sure to be two steps behind. He adores her and she really is very tolerant of him for the most part.

We took the tractor ride out to the patch which as the pictures show was very dry & dusty. Even though it appears as if there were slim pickings, there were hundreds upon hundreds of big, beautiful pumpkins of all colors and varieties to choose from. I think D was a little too ambitious with his choice!

Leave it to our miss perfectionist to pick the most perfect pumpkin. She takes into account the size, color and the stem. Who made this child anyway?

2nd attempt at capturing all 3 looking at the camera at once.
I digress.

And we couldn't leave without pictures in front of the "How Tall this Fall" prop followed by warm cinnamon donuts and ice cold slushies.
D - 3 1/4 spiders and G - 4 spiders and growing


Phyllis said...

Thank you for sharing the photos. It seems impossible that Gabi is 4feet tall, and only 6 years old. With Dawson right behind her. All the kids pictures were good, Mj is really a friendly and contented baby. All beautiful children, and I enjoyed the pumpkin patch, too. Love to all, GiGi

Anonymous said...

We were totally there too! Love that place.

Chelsea said...

Oooh, what fun! They were my client when I was a sales rep at the Journal-World in Lawrence. I had many a fun trip there. :)