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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween 2011

I'm once again playing catch up with posting events and such so bear with me.
Halloween proved to be a good day this year. Pair incredible weather with happy kiddos, a Daddy who got to attend the Kansas City Chiefs versus San Diego Chargers game (which was unbelievable if you missed it), and a Mommy whose "crack" of choice is anything sweet and it makes for one picture perfect evening. All were happy!

Costumes were easy this year.
I asked the older two what they wanted to be/dress as and they both said they just wanted to pick something from their dress up bin. Score for the wallet! Dawson picked a monkey costume picked up on clearance at Old Navy for $5 if my memory serves me correct. Gabrielle was a wizardess (Target post Halloween 75% off clearance purchase) and McKenna was the cutest darn cupcake you ever did lay eyes upon (another Old Navy clearance buy). I love seeing siblings dressed in matching or themed costumes, but alas that wasn't the case for us this year. Next year perhaps! Maybe three little monsters?

Both "big" kids wanted a picture taken with their baby sister & I obliged.

And here MJ is all her cuteness. I could just eat her up.
Thanks to Little Sugars {like my friend Brandi's page on FB} for the fun pink puff hair clip.

I LOVE this picture!
I plan to print it and replace an existing picture taken at the pumpkin patch in 2009 of Gabi and Dawson. My friend Jeanna gifted me an adorable little frame that says "My brother & Me that has been on G's bedside table since we received it.

And I will close this posting with this crazy, cute monkey child of mine.
The costume is very appropriate for his current monkey like personality :)

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