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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Man Child Musings

You will forever be my baby boy. You ask me that question often. "Mommy, even when I am a teenager I will still be your baby boy, right?" Yes! Even though McKenna is the babe of the family - you, my handsome little man, will always be my baby boy. In your own words "always and forever." I wanted to document just a couple of cute things about you that are current. Sunday morning Gabrielle told you how handsome you looked. You did look very dapper by the way. Here is a picture to prove it! 
Anyway, you then turned to McKenna and said "McKenna, you are so (pause), so damn adorable!" Yessiree, you dropped the "d" word. Child, you are too cute, too stubborn, too funny and growing up too incredibly fast. You have been taking a real shining to doing jigsaw puzzles. The house will become quiet (which doesn't happen often enough if I might add) and I will find you either in the front entry way on the hardwood or in the playroom on the craft table working away at a puzzle. Now if I could just get you to be as good about the clean up process. You are beginning to protest your afternoon naps, but I have learned a little trick which works every time. I "hold you me" {carry you} to your bedroom and "lower you like a crane" into your bed, tuck you in and smother you in Eskimo kisses. Your naps have shortened, but praise the good Lord you will still nap for me. You love singing the ABC song with me as I do diaper duty on baby girl. You are insistent that I don't home school you. This simply means if I begin to do anything of educational value with you you interject "I'm NOT doing school!" Like I said earlier - STUBBORN! You have succumbed to sitting very well and completing your weekly AWANA lessons and scripture memorization. I suppose the candy bribe I offer doesn't hurt in this area :) Candy ... you ask for it d.a.i.l.y. as if it is a necessity to your survival. I allow it but generally only one piece of your choosing. Our days home together aren't complete without you asking for a play date with Kellen. He is your favorite buddy and we are so lucky that we get to have him every Tuesday and several Thursdays each month while Ms. Kiersten works. I hope you two will continue to be buds over time and maybe someday even play sports together. Oh, I can't forget to document that your bald spot is nearly all filled in. Woot! We were so concerned that hair would never grow on the crown on your head again. Ring worm or chronic hair pulling/twirling? We will never truly know the cause but whichever, our hope is that your nugget will remain hair covered. And the biggest piece of news praise in my books - you have stopped changing your clothes umpteen times a day!!!! I hope this new trend will stick for good. I still laugh each time I see you pick up a pair of your underwear off the floor and sniff them to determine if they are clean or not. Where did you ever learn such a thing? Oh, yes. That would be from yours truly.
Never forget that your Daddy and Mommy love you always and forever. We are so lucky to have you, sweet boy, sandwiched between your two beautiful sisters. It is where you fit best! As Mema told you recently "you will always be a little brother to Sissy and you will always be a big brother to your baby MaJane." What a lucky boy you are!


Chelsea said...

Oh, what a sweet & handsome boy!!

Meredith said...

So sweet!! I love that picture too, kids are so funny. He knows exactly what he likes and dislikes, just like B. Bet they'd be friends. :) Little boys are too cute!