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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Embrace the Camera: December 22, 2011

Today's technology.
You either love it or hate it.
I personally have a love/hate relationship with it.
No need for explanation.
Photos courtesy of my IPhone being within an arms reach and me who apparently doesn't have a steady arm, doesn't know lighting, have a clue about angles, etc. and who also HATES being in front of the lens.
Recently I was enjoying one of the few fleeting moments where Dawson was willing to just sit on my lap and "be." I treasure these moments with everything that is in me. 
D man, I love your square face
{You get that straight from your momma}
Your infectious laugh
All your hugs & kisses
And probably more than anything I love this face right here. 
There is no denying how cute you can be and how adorable you are to us. 
Hugs and Eskimo Kisses

1 comment:

Abbie said...

Sooooo stinkin' cute. Your little man is a heartbreaker!