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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

School Holiday Par-Tay!

Friday the 16th was the last day of school before winter break AND it was the day of classroom party festivities.
Ms. G ready for school. I made her buck up to the crisp morning air in order to snap a picture.
What's a party without TONS of sweet treats and a juice pouch? Obviously it is what puts a smile on our girls face.
The homeroom mom schemed up this "game" where the kids decorated one of five parents as a Christmas tree. I'm not sure how Mr. Herrig (G's 1st grade teacher) got roped into it, but Gabrielle's table got to deck him out in streamers & stickers. Gabi found it hysterical adding candy cane earrings, a Rudolph nose & a beard to Mr. Herrig. He was a true sport throughout the process.
Gabi & several classmates admiring their handy work.
And I had to add these last two photos because they are a perfect representation of Dawson's display of affection for McKenna. He has this obsessive way of showing his love for her by patting, rubbing, squeezing & kissing her head. As this picture shows, at times he grits his teeth and goes for the "You are the cutest baby in the world McKenna Jane!!!!" pat.
Followed by the death squeeze "I'm so glad you are our precious baby sister." 
And yes, he really says and does those things EVERY single day. She tolerates it, loves it and squeals with delight as well as hates it at times (when he gets a little too over jealous).
Break started this Monday and the kids don't return to school until Thursday January 5th. Lord help me to remain patient and not loose my sanity. We are keeping our previous neighbors Kindergartner every day as well as having Kendall & Kellen several days so if you'd like free admission to a small circus feel free to stop on by!

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