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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Get Your Bake On

Christmas isn't Christmas without a little holiday baking. Our #1 has a class 6 peanut allergy and most all my favorite recipes call for peanut butter, so #2 and I had a blast whipping out some yumminess Thursday while big sis was at school and little sis napped.
Ignore the madness of magnets and coupons stuck to the side of our fridge. What a sight!
My neighbor said she did a double take when she saw this picture thinking at first that it was Gabrielle. No, this is just my man child looking C.U.T.E. in a play apron and chefs hat. And yes, I am very aware that he is hanging over a hot stove. Have no fear, I didn't leave his side.
And here is the finished spread: peanut butter blossoms, 2 batches of peanut butter fudge, no bake cookies (hubs favorite), chinese noodle drops, dipped pretzels & peanut clusters. Like I mentioned - lotsofpeanutbutter goodness right there!
Pictures taken on my IPhone. I would love any suggestions from IPhone users on obtaining the best quality photos when taken with your phone.

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