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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Annual Santa Visit

We started the family "tradition" of visiting Santa (and periodically Mrs. Claus) at our local Bass Pro Shops each year. The kids have now come to expect their little visit with the jolly fella.Santa is a little controversial in our house. We don't push the whole Santa thing and we certainly don't use the line "Santa is watching." Both the two older kids took it upon themselves this year to say "We are either on the naughty or nice list."
I picked up this dress outfit for Dawson for LAST Christmas and the little dude with a big 'tude wouldn't dream of putting it on. This year he was all about the button up shirt, tie, sweater vest (which he isn't wearing in the picture) and the "handsome coat." Good thing it fit him this year!
Oh my goodness. 
These are some CUTE kiddos!
The wait in line was really very manageable but the kids wanted to play a few games and color a picture and write a letter to Santa. Gabi was so funny when she asked me what she should tell Santa she wanted for Christmas. I asked her "Well, what DO you want for Christmas?" to which she responded "Santa can't give me the two things I really want." I expected her to say she wanted her Mema's cancer to be cured but instead she said she wanted a magical medicine to make her allergies go away and braces. An almost 7 year old wanting braces!!
I absolutely can not look at this picture without nearly rolling on the floor in laughter. Gabrielle is pretty "strike a pose" camera ready, Dawson looks like a deer in headlights & McKenna is screaming stranger danger!!
Followed by the two "big" kids attention being stolen by the screaming babe. Take note that Santa's eyes are still fixed on the camera with a mile wide smile.

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