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Monday, December 12, 2011

Chors {Spelling intentional}

It is no secret that Gabrielle is a Daddy's girl. She loves him and loves spending time with him so when Travis recapped their bedtime conversation to me this past Friday night, I nearly doubled over in laughter. 
G: Daddy, when is your next home day?
T: Daddy works two more days then I have a home day on Monday when you go back to school.
G: You mean when I have my home days, you have to work?
T: Yes
G: So Dawson and I will be home with Mommy on Saturday
T: Yep
G: Awwwww man! That means all we'll do all day is clean, clean, clean!
T: Laughing - well, your momma likes a clean house :)

So Saturday afternoon after she returned from the first of two birthday parties she grabbed her journal and pen and set to work writing. I wasn't aware of her "assignment" until I found it posted on our kitchen display board. This is precisely what she wrote - no changes or corrections made.

Clean Gabi B room.
Clean basement.
Clean toy room.
Clean citchen.
Clean up everything els.
Dust and sweep.
Take naps.
Do agin.
Chek dents on wall.
Tell wher dents are.
Chek agin.
Big rest.
2 hours rest.