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Monday, January 2, 2012

Gabrielle turns 7!

Sunday was the 1st day of the New Year, but more importantly it was Gabrielle's 7th birthday. The day was spent in celebration of her. In her own words "Birthday girl. Birthday rules" which translated to cinnamon rolls, sugar cereal & chocolate milk for breakfast; cheese pizza and orange soda for lunch; a sweet treats birthday party in the afternoon (more on that next post); family gift opening and an evening of fun on her new Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming system.
Gabrielle Annique, 
Mommy has done a little online research and quite a bit of reading/studying on firstborn children. 
First born: a natural leader, reliable, conscientious, perfectionist, strong willed aggressive, a people pleaser and generally has a strong need for approval.
You are all of that packaged into one petite, beautiful young lady.
You are also silly, smart, a fantastic reader, compassionate & determined.
You have always been and will continue to be a girlie girl with boyish tendencies. You love rough housing and getting your hands dirty. You enjoy fishing and swimming in the lake. You'll sit and watch gun shows, UFC, football, MythBusters and similar shows with your Daddy with interest and yet you love dressing up, wearing jewelry and lipstick, tights and boots.
You thrive on words of encouragement.
I'd say your love language teeters between physical touch & words of affirmation.
We can't believe it has been 7 years since you made us a family! In the new year we pray you will work on your patience, continue working on having an attitude of gratitude, remember that your siblings truly are your friends for life & continue hiding God's word in your heart through your Sunday school lessons and weekly Awana readings.
We love you to the heavens and back! 

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Anonymous said...

I will try this post again seeing as how the first one didn't print. I will always remember that we moved to KC the evening you were at SMMC in labor with Gabi - this was our first grandchild that we actually get to see grow up from her babyhood. She is very special to us and we couldn't love her more. The way you describe her is very accurate - she is sensitive and caring and I think a "deep thinker" for her age. I can't believe she is 7 yrs old already. Much love, Mema