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Friday, January 20, 2012

Thankful Tree

I follow the Jones Design Company blog {as does half of the blogger population I believe} and loved her thankfulness post & free printable found here. I didn't waste anytime before I had hubs in the wooded area behind our house cutting the perfect branches for us to create our own thankful tree for the month of November. The kids were 100% on board and loved filling out there cards each day. I thought I had taken pictures of our recreation, but alas I can't locate them so maybe I just remember taking them with my mental camera. November came and went and the thankful tree remained. I had every intention of the kids hanging their beanie baby ornaments from the branches at Christmas but I was vetoed by the other members in the house. December came and went and still the thankful tree stood proud. The hubs and kids loved having it there so I left it alone. That is until recently.  It was time, so we bid the thankful tree good bye.
These are a few of the things the kids were thankful for this year. I love how you get a true sense of their age and maturity level based on the items they listed. 

Mema feeling better
My toys (specifically his hour glass)
Our baby (McKenna)
My sister (Gabrielle)
GG's visit (Grandma Hicks)
Quila (our family dog)
My buddies
Family movie nights

Our home
My family
The world
The cross

This was a wonderful exercise that took only a moment each day but that moment caused the kids to stop and reflect on how blessed a life we live. We will definitely bring the thankful tree back in seasons to come. 


Unknown said...

I need to do this too! Doesn't she have great stuff??

Abbie said...

Oops! Forgot to sign in. But I meant to add that I think this could definitely be incorporated all year round!