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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Sweet Shoppe Seventh Birthday Party

As I mentioned in the previous post we hosted a sweet shoppe birthday party for Ms. G in our home on Sunday.
I've recently made friends with my sewing machine (after setting out to not break the bank in fashioning some clothes for Gabi's American Girl dolls) so when I saw these sewn ruffled streamers online I knew I could whip them up with ease. So can you. Easy!
Keeping with the streamer or banner theme I hand stitched some hearts from paint chip samples and strung them from the mantel. This will double as a small Valentine decor.
The take home gifts which held two fingernail polishes, a lip gloss & a glitter emery board.
I'm loving chevron right now so I printed and glued cupcake wrappers and toppers to add to the cupcakes.
Gabrielle picked out the sweets spread which consisted of: milk duds, whoppers, jelly beans, starbursts, skittles & twizzlers. It is safe to say that I sent the girls home on a sugar overload!
I appreciated the simplicity of her party this year. Small. At home. Easy preparation & clean up.
How is it possible that SEVEN years have come and gone since our feisty gal was born? I'm still trying to wrap my brain around this question.


jeanna said...

did you do that all yourself? see, that is the kind of thing i love and envy at the same time. my kids' parties are lame. i need coaching. thanks for reminding me of your blog. i love to see how your kids {and hair} have grown.

Abbie said...

You did SUCH a great job, Christine!

I'm sure you daughter was thrilled.

She is just lovely (as are your other two, by the way)!