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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Smurfette Pays a Visit

Who remembers the cartoon series the Smurfs?
If you don't, well you missed out!
I loved the Smurfs however not enough that I recall inviting Smurfette to pay our house a personal visit. But alas, she showed up on Sunday. This is what she looks like in real life.
An adorable jammie clad ONE YEAR OLD who stumbled upon her siblings afternoon craft project which was oh so enticing to her wee little hands and welllllll apparently her mouth too. 
When this little mishap was discovered McKenna looked like this and by the looks of her I am sure your imagination can only presume what our carpet looked like. I might add that we just had our carpets cleaned exactly one month ago. If money was no object I would have had them back out first thing Monday morning recleaning. Thanks to Google and an entire can of WD40 coupled with lots of elbow grease & steaming hot water the stains have "disappeared" for the most part. So have ALL the ink pads and stampers. Bum deal as far as lessons go with the siblings. 


GiGi in Spfld. said...

I had read that about McKenna earlier, and I know it was funny!! But a big mess to clean up. Probably had to soak the baby, too. She seems to know somthing is wrong. Bless her--show that to her when she is 20 years old. Love the baby!!

Sweet Floweret said...

this is hilarious.

those pics will be in her wedding slideshow someday :)