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Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Cold Crafternoon

After a blistering cold morning of playing in the snow I planned a few quick, simple crafts with the kids while McKenna napped.
We started by printing this cute reindeer template my friend posted on her blog onto card stock, then added modge podge with a fine tip paintbrush before adding a generous amount of gold or bronze glitter. 
Please let me know if you'd like the template as I'm happy to share it with you or send you to the original link.
The kids then glued red and white pom poms onto card stock candy cane forms. We also added fun washi tape stripes onto more candy canes, punched a hole, added ribbon and had a couple fun new kid friendly, mom approved tree ornaments. We ended our crafternoon by making coffee filter snowflakes. All super cheap and fool proof crafts that kept the kids busy for a couple of hours.
I found it cute that both kids gravitated away from the table momentarily only to return with her respective holiday hats on.

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Kendall & Kellen said...

i wanna see their finished ornaments!!