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Monday, December 24, 2012

Meadow Lane Pancake Breakfast & Holiday Shop

We started our morning Saturday, December 1st bright and early at the Meadow Lane Pancake Breakfast and Holiday Shop. We indulged on plates stacked with yummy pancakes and way too sweet knock off orange juice (Tang perhaps?) before Gabrielle and the rest of the ML 2nd & 3rd graders took stage to sing a few Christmas carols.
After the singing we corralled the kids for a couple of quick pictures.
Travis was snapping pictures simultaneously with his iPhone hence why the kids aren't looking in my direction in this photo.
And then throw #3 in the mix along with a super silly Papa who is an expert at getting her to smile and you get a few cute pictures of our baby girl being C to the U to the T to the E! 
We hit the Holiday Shoppe in the gymnasium before Santa arrived for his visit. 
Gabi choose a pretty necklace and a bear claw back scratcher, Dawson choose a sleeve of sports themed golf balls and both picked out a Best Grandpa fish coffee mug for Papa for Christmas.

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