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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Icing & Sprinkles & Candy, Oh My!

Christmas wouldn't be the same without Mema's delicious cut out cookies. She prepared the dough, cut out and baked the cookies (because the kidaroos haven't been 100% in the health department). She came up last Friday and the frosting and decorating commenced. The "bigs" both took part in the mixing up of frosting, spreading it on (Gabrielle ever so meticulously and Dawson in slap happy fashion) & adding the finishing touches of sprinkles, Nerds candy, mini chocolate chips, etc.

McKenna was present throughout the process and was under foot the.entire.time! We tried our very best to entice her with cookies, but once the frosting touched her hands she immediately dropped them. Have I mentioned that my kids have a moderate severe case of OCD with hand washing? We resorted to keeping her busy with a yogurt cup & licking spoons.  She snuck in plenty of snuggles and lovin' from Mema throughout the night too :)
It is now Thursday and dozens and dozens of cookies have been consumed. I admit I have had more than my fair share! Ummm, the majority truth be told. My midsection will not be thanking me come January.

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