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Friday, December 28, 2012

The First Snowfall of Winter

The first day of winter break brought with it our first winter snow "storm." The kids went to bed in anticipation of the snowfall and woke up early {ier than the normal time} to a white covered ground. They were beside themselves with excitement ready to dart outdoors to romp around in it. I had to suppress their excitement for several hours because the winds had been blowing at up to 50mph. Late morning they bundled up in last years whatever snow gear they could gather in a moments time and headed out back.
It was pure bliss for them! They lasted much longer than I would have out in the cold. We only had one episode of crying too (which is monumental at times) when Dawson came in briefly because his hands were freezing. Poor little dude didn't have any snow gloves that fit. GG fixed that problem by picking him up a new pair while out at WalMart.
I enticed them indoors after quite some time with some marshmallow filled hot cocoa. It was baby girl's 1st cup of ho cho and it is safe to say she LOVED it. 
Prec' or what?