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Friday, April 5, 2013

Daddy Turns 4_?!

This handsome young middle aged man turned 42 {shhhhh, don't tell} on Sunday, March 24th.
The kids and I were gone to Iowa so his birthday was spent working a bit of overtime in the morning and watching movies at a deafening loud level in the afternoon.  
This is the most recent picture I snapped of Travis on my iPhone while traveling to Springfield several weeks back. 
We stopped at the local DQ as we pulled into KC to pick up an ice cream cake. I didn't pre-order so was happy they had a golf themed cake ready for sale. $25 and 5 minutes later, it was personalized for our Daddy-O. 
Little Miss wasn't very patient when the cake was set out to thaw in order to cut and serve. 
We caught her green handed :)
Little stinker is what she is!

1 comment:

Phyllis said...

Happy Birthday!! Son. You have accomplished a lot in those years. Most outstanding, is a lovely family. Being called "daddy" is precious. The cake looked great, even with the baby getting a early bite. Love, MOM