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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter - Come and Gone

Easter Sunday.
We attended church services then stopped at Papa's & Mema's for pictures on the way home.
We feasted on Travis's "famous" pancakes at the kids request in lieu of brunch.
We spent much of the day outdoors.
It was a quiet, restful day. Nothing fancy or festive. 
We had a wonderful meal and time at Lake Lotawona the evening prior with Papa, Mema, Uncle Brett, Aunt Linda, Tyler & Paige. 
Gabrielle loves shopping and found this dress which she insisted on having on sale at Dillard's. 
There was an additional 40% savings on sale items so we couldn't pass up such a good buy. 
She asked nearly daily if she could wear it, not wanting to wait until Easter Sunday. 
Big D sported 2nd hand clothing which I bought at a girlfriends garage sale several years back and tucked away. 
This kid. 
He was in full on model mode during our 2 minute photo shoot. 
Case in point :)
Little Miss is gracing a gifted dress and a 2nd hand cardigan sweater & shoes. 
Looking through pictures - both old and new - is a reminder at just how blessed we are to have three healthy, beautiful children who we are raising in the church. My hope is they will know the true meaning of the celebration of Easter. We serve a living God!

This is my revelation
Christ Jesus crucified
Salvation through repentance
At the cross on which He died

Now hear my absolution
Forgiveness for my sin
And I sink beneath the waters
That Christ was buried in

I will rise, I will rise
As Christ was raised to life
Now in Him, now in Him
I live
Lyrics to Beneath the Waters by Hillsong United

They received Easter baskets from GG several weeks prior to Easter filled with candy, change and small gifts and dyed eggs during our trip to Iowa over Spring Break so not all secular forms of celebration were withheld. 

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