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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Meeting James

Have I shared with y'all that I became an aunt again? 
Well, not exactly but close enough.
My little sis' from another mother, Molly, had her firstborn on January 4th. 
Remember this post about what's in a name?
Now you know where my love for the name Molly stems from. 

We got to meet him the end of March and it was instant heart melt. 
He is perfect. 

Meet James Terry Conlon, named after both his paternal and maternal grandfathers
 Reading time with Mommy Mo
 Obviously happy that he had an audience joining in on his story time
MJ attempting to steal a kiss
This is how McKenna spent much of her time during the course of our stay.
That or asking repeatedly "Where baby at?"
 Grandma Barb with a sleepy baby James
Our kiddos like Matt a little.
OK, they love him.
He is incredible with them!
 The Conlon family of 3 - Molly, baby James & Matt
I celebrated with tears of joy the day we received your "We're expecting" announcement.
I may have thrust it in Travis's face shouting "Look at this!" when he arrived home from work.
I laughed until my eyes filled with tears again when I received your clever shower invitation.
Where on earth did Becky come up with that?! 
I itched with anticipation as your due date neared.
My patience wore thin when the New Year came and went and still no news of a babe.
Then I awoke on the morning of the 5th to learn that your son was born. A boy!
It killed me to not be one of the first ones to rush into your hospital room and meet your new little one.
I couldn't wait to give you a huge congratulatory squeeze and to get my hands on the little bundle of love.
I lived vicariously through your Instagram photos. Ogling over a sweet boy I had yet to meet.
I have James'birth announcement on display in the kitchen above my office area where I can stare at his cuteness each and every day.
When the week of Spring Break provided the time off school and other commitments, I jumped at the chance to come visit.
My heart  exploded when I saw you in action as a Mommy. Motherhood looks good on you :) 
And Matt ... well, you couldn't possibly pick a better Daddy if you tried. He is a natural with kids and is obviously very proud of James.
You will forever hold a special place in my heart. I will always look to you as the little sister that I never had with a family of her own that I love dearly.
Thank you for opening your home to the monsters kids and I after a busy 9 day streak returning to work. Thank you for cooking for us, coming up with fun activities for the kids, for letting me fold your underwear (ha!) and for providing me some "time away." Most of all, thank-you for sharing James with me. 
I love you!
P.S. 6 hours is too far away when it concerns my need for a baby fix :)
Come visit KC soon.
That's an order.

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