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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stratton Oaks Annual Egg Hunt

Each year Ms. Kiersten organizes a neighborhood egg hunt. She purchases the candy and goods and stuffs what I'm sure ends up being hundreds of plastic eggs.
The kids all gather on the main hub (113th) and line the drive divided by age. Kiersten gives the instructions and the kids are off in the pursuit of some sugar loot.
Dawson was being a sweet big brother trying to keep McKenna in the correct line of kiddos.
Kiersten gave the go ahead and this was McKenna's response.
Complete deer in the headlights :)
I may have shouted for her to get her hunt on. 
There were enough plastic filled eggs for each child to seek out and collect 16.
McKenna landed on 5. 
I'm confident she will have her game face on at next years hunt now that she understands she is collecting sweet treats.
Dawson intent on investigating what treasure awaits him.
These are the boys who live directly next door to us.
Ben - age 6 and Noah - age 8
These four spends countless hours playing together! 
I wanted to include these last two pictures for memory sake. 
This is our super sweet neighbor girl, Madelyn, who I care for a couple hours every week. 
She LOVES her time at "baby Kenna's." 
PS. We don't refer to her as Kenna but I don't mind that some of her younger friends do.
This pint size ball of personality is Ellaina. Lainey {or Buggie as I often times call her} spends Thursdays with us. She is 3 months older than McKenna. They are such great play mates for one another. My hope is they will grow to develop a good friendship as the years pass. 

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