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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Devil in Disquise

You my child are a devil in disguise! 
I was so dumbfounded by your naughtiness earlier this week that I thought I should document just how naughty you were/can be at times so in 30 years from now you will believe us.
There is something about the days Micah is here. It brings out your mischievous side. The two of you are quite the dynamic duo of home wreckers. 
Rules are broken. 
Toys and books destroyed. 
The playroom is turned completely upside down. 
Snacks are strewn across the house {and we have a strict rule that no food leaves the kitchen}. 

On Monday you managed to:
  • find your Daddy's weekly pill container and emptied the contents of a half a dozen pills across the kitchen floor
  • removed the large tufted buttons from the {new to us} decorative pillow Aunt Linda gifted to me
  • removed all the Huggies® baby wipes from the container and stuffed them along with a tonnage of plastic food, broken crayons and a ripped up piece of paper into the oven of the play kitchen
  • colored all over the top of the Hallmark snowman piano with a marker
  • You (alone) played in my closet as I showered and placed a bunch of travel items in one of my purses and when scolded and told to replace them you got your hands into something (yet to be determined) and your OCD kicked in and you had a mini tantrum wanting to wash the "yuckies off" as you sat out your 2 minutes of time out.
I'm sure there was more mischief that took place this day, but I can't recall everything.
It's a good thing you're SO stinkin' cute!
I chased you and Micah around the kitchen singing songs and laying in front of the back sliding doors reading books with you. I made a valiant effort to capture the two of you turkeys together but alas one of you was a blur in each photo as getting either of you to stay still for .2 seconds would be a miracle in and of itself. 
Your gorgeous blue eyes slay me. It's no wonder we become softies when you ask for the hundredth time if you can have a snack/watch Dinosaur Train/snuggle a little longer at bedtime.
You LOVE to read books! You're a stinker interrupting a million and one times asking questions about the story or the pictures within the book. It can be frustrating but at the same time I love knowing your little mind is working and growing and learning. I hope your love for books is long lived. 

If anyone would like to know some of our families favorite children's books, I'd love to share!

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Lynee said...

Dynamic Duo for sure!!! We have such sweet kids that at time make us want to tear our hair out.