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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Photos taken by Janie Jones Photography
This was the 1st year in MANY that I didn't include a letter with our Christmas card. I decided one less thing "to do" wasn't such a bad thing but the truth is that it bothers me. How do you summarize a year in a few short paragraphs? I envy those who do it so effortlessly.

I read a lengthy blog post about writing a Christmas letter that people would read. In it she stated writing a letter is like "an annual missive in which we attempt to captivate readers with tales from our past" to which I chuckled then shook my head in agreement. I digress and present to you the Christmas letter that didn't exist until just now.

Gabrielle is in the 3rd grade and adores her teacher, Mrs. Lindsey, like no other. She continues to excel in academics and was fortunate enough to participate in the school spelling bee earlier this month. She is in her 3rd year of Awana with her 1st year in the Truth & Training program.  Gabrielle participated in Girls on the Run - a 10 week program with a season ending 5K race held at Arrowhead Stadium. Her biggest accomplishment was memorizing chapter 12 of Romans this summer earning a fun day trip to Worlds of Fun through our church!

Dawson turned six in September and attends 1/2 day Kindergarten. I think perhaps he enjoys the social aspect of school as much if not more than the educational component. We signed him up for Sporting Tykes Soccer and Tee Ball this summer through the YMCA. We quickly learned his skill level was exceptional for his 1st experience in playing either sport. We're excited to see how he will do in a more competitive setting in the coming year. Dawson is also in his 3rd year of Awana with his 1st year in the Sparks program. He has just completed memorizing the books of the new testament.

McKenna Jane will turn three in early January.  She displays an exorbitant amount of curiosity and energy at this age. She knows no stranger and has many "best friends." She loves playing independently but thrives on play time with just about anyone including her siblings. She can often be found in mischief but brings us each a smile and such delight! Some of her current favs are earning (or stealing which happens all too frequently) a piece of candy, watching cartoons, playing on the iPad and going to Mema's.

Travis resigned from his position as department manager at Lowes in February accepting a job with SAFC BioSciences in Lenexa as a facility maintenance technician. He has enjoyed his new role and is embracing the learning curve. A setback came in the form of a work related injury in early July. Travis endured a trimalleolar fracture of his right ankle which required surgery, physical therapy and a 9 week absence from work. The x-ray taken at his follow up visit in mid November answered our question as to why he was experiencing persistent discomfort and pain showing a break in the hardware in his inner ankle. He had a 2nd surgery on December 12th to remove the hardware and is now recovering. This injury prevented him from spending much time on the golf course. We are hopeful he can make up for lost time in the Spring/Summer of 2014.

I maintain the role of CEO of our home keeping things running as smoothly as possible all while juggling carpool, diaper changing, endless laundry, homework, Awana, Bible study and part-time childcare provider to the Rigdon children. I was honored to help as an assistant coach to a team of amazing 3rd - 5th grade girls with the Girls on the Run program through Meadow Lane this Fall. I continue to read, blog, blog stalk and work on the never ending task of organizing our home in my spare time.

Our family enjoyed time in Iowa this summer celebrating my (Christine's) 20th class year reunion and my hometown's Quasquicentennial celebration; time fishing and boating at Lake Latowana; swimming; several visits to the Kansas City zoo; a day at Great Wolf Lodge; and travels to Birmingham, AL over Thanksgiving.

2013 brought about changes, obstacles and challenges but also growth and blessings for our family.
We stand firm in knowing 2014 will be even better!
The Hicks

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Anonymous said...

Very nice letter - too bad you didn't get it done in time to include with your cards. You will have to tell friends to check it out on this blog. Love, your mama