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Sunday, December 22, 2013

ML Spelling Bee

Gabrielle arrived home from school in late October bursting through the door with excitement.
She couldn't wait to hand me this sweet congratulatory note from her teacher, Mrs. Lindsey.
Each class held in an {in class} spelling bee to determine the participants in the school spelling bee which was held on December 12th. Two students were entered from each 3rd - 5th grade class.
Gabrielle with her fellow classmate, Brynnan Mudd.
We were so proud of Gabi for her efforts! 10 students were eliminated before her. In the 4th round with 8 students remaining Gabrielle was given the word legacy. Gabrielle spelled it incorrect using an "i" instead of an "a." She was crushed and crumpled into tears after exiting the stage at the end of the round. Poor girl was a ball of nerves. I'm so glad my mom attended the spelling bee with me because I may have shed a few tears myself. She comforted Gabs as we watched the remainder of the bee. I regret this now, but we didn't do ANY practicing for the spelling bee. The school provided a large list of words but never once did she/we look at them. The gal who won the spelling bee (I believe she is a 5th grader) was a 2nd year champion.

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Anonymous said...

My buttons were about to pop I was so proud of her. She did really well (especially for not even practicing!) Mom