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Monday, December 23, 2013

Round #2

While I was at the school spelling bee with Gabrielle on the morning of the 12th, Travis checked himself into the ambulatory surgical center at Olathe Medical Center for round #2 of surgical repair of his right ankle. His surgery was scheduled for 9:30 but when I arrived at the hospital at 10AM I was told they took him in early and he was already in recovery. I was able to see him shortly after 11. 
He was awake and quite comfortable thanks to both the IV and oral pain medications administered. 
We had seen Trav's surgeon, Dr. Christopher Eckland, in follow up on November 13th. Travis continued to report discomfort/pain on the inside ball area of his ankle however all previous x-rays showed that his ankle was healing properly. The x-ray on the 13th showed that his hardware, aka long screw placed within the bone to hold it in place, had broken in two. The head of the screw was prominent pressing against the ankle also causing a small bone fragment to be dislodged. Dr. Eckland was able to remove both screws from the inside of the ankle and didn't feel it was necessary to replace them (PTL!). 
These photos were taken a week post surgery.
No excessive swelling or discoloration.
Stitches this go around versus staples.
FINGERS CROSSED only 2 weeks of non-weight bearing this time before Travis is allowed to begin progressive weight bearing. We return to see Dr. Eckland on the 26th. We are hoping we will learn more about a prospective return to work date at this appointment.
Our prayer is that this will be the final surgery required and that Travis experiences a complete healing and is able to regain 100% use of his ankle.

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