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Friday, June 20, 2008

Angelic Form

My sweet, yet sassy baby girl! It has been one week today since we had a turn in our mother/daughter relationship. My own mother plays a significant role in both Gabrielle & my lives. She saw that I was really struggling with some disobedience & consequently discipline issues with my strong willed little girl so she purchased a couple of books for me to read and put their suggestions into practice. The main message of the book is to balance love and control. I was so quick to discipline out of frustration/anger versus love. We have had a mountaintop week and I must say that I can only hope that things will continue to improve. I have enjoyed my time with Gabrielle and have experienced a love & appreciation for her and her bubbling spirit.

This is how Mom and I found Gabrielle friday afternoon. She was watching her Hillsong Kids Praise video and fell fast asleep in our bed.
Why is it that our children look so beautiful while sleeping??

This is a super fun/funky picture I snapped earlier this week.
A true angel in my eyes!

This is a exert from the book "Treat your child with sincere love and dignity, but require him or her to follow your leadership. Choose carefully the matters that are worthy of confrontation, then accept her challenge on those issues and win decisively. Reward every positive, cooperative gesture she makes by offering your attention, affection, and verbal praise."
A suggestion that the book makes is also to lay your hands on your child each night as they sleep and pray for the Holy Spirit to conquer their strong will while not destroying their spirit, because her (Gabrielle) spirit is what makes her who she is.
My personal prayer for my child is 2 Timothy 1:7 "Do not give Gabrielle a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self discipline."


Lisa said...

I love the pictures of Gabrielle, she looks so cute. What books did you read? We need to get together sometime soon.
Love, Lisa

Anonymous said...

LOVE the should email it to me so I can play with it :) :) :)

I need to know what books you are reading! glad things are getting better. later girl.

aunt sheryl said...

i really enjoy your blog. esp, the pics. the ones of gabi and dawson are really special. keep up the good work. aunt sheryl

April D. Hunt said...

What a beautiful prayer! I'll be using it for sure. Glad things are looking up.