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Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Camp

This past week got away from me! Where does time go sometimes?
Gabrielle attended weeks one & two of a four week summer camp program at Grace United Methodist Church the past couple of weeks. Week one the theme was How Does Your Garden Grow? She learned about different kinds of seeds and plants that grow in a garden. She planted flowers, sprouted magic beans & had dirt cake for a snack. For crafts she made a muddy footprint that says "Mud is very nice to feel all squish squash between my toes! I'd rather wade in wiggle mud than smell a yellow rose. Nobody else but the rosebush knows how nice mud feels between the toes." Cute! She also made a garden step stone and painted a watermelon (not a fresh one, one cut from a paper plate). Week two the theme was A Camping We Will Go. The class went on a nature walk & collected pieces of nature. They spotted a snake one day and a box turtle another - definitely something she talked about a lot. They made cute fishing poles out of tree limber, rope & a paper clips then made fish out of construction paper and aluminum foil for the fins. They headed to the fishing hole to catch some fish. For crafts they painted with a rock, decorated an adorable bug box & made a giant green frog.
I would have loved to have Gabrielle attend weeks three and four but apparently they couldn't meet the demand. It was definitely a great experience for Gabi and Mommy as well. It gave me 3 hours each day to spend one on one time with Dawson, run errands, grocery shop, etc. Did I mention shop? I did that too!!

The highlight of this past week for me was spending time with my Mom while my Dad was on his annual fishing trip. She had wanted me to help her put together a scrapbook of their 40th wedding anniversary cruise they took this past year. We worked Wednesday evening, Friday & Saturday morning and knocked it out. We had so much fun together and it pleases me to no end to see how happy she is with the album. It is something she is very proud of and looks forward to sharing with friends and family. She enjoyed it so much she is ready to start another album!
Sorry no pictures this post. More later - C

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April D. Hunt said...

Hope Ethan enjoys preschool as much as Gabrielle enjoyed summer camp. Sounds like they really kept the kids busy. Also glad you had time to scrapbook with your mom. My mom and I are scrapbooking in a couple of weeks at Scrapbook Page and I can't wait. It's such a fun time to relax and share fun memories.