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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Week at a glance

Friday we enjoyed a little time at the pool then we headed to Cedar Ridge for the VBS Carnival celebration

Gabrielle came out of her shell and entered the bounce house for the 1st time. As her mom I was proud of this accomplishment. She enjoyed the large slide as well as the other attractions which included a "rainbow castle" and a balloon artist. Mommy wasn't too excited for the hour plus wait in line for a butterfly balloon that took all of 5 minutes to make and has cluttered our house for the past week.

Gabi and her friend Chase were two peas in a pod. They ran, laughed & just thoroughly enjoyed each other. Matt (Chase's Daddy) treated the girls to a bag of cotton candy. Gabrielle felt it necessary to hand feed it to Chase! Too cute!

Monday we scheduled a spontaneous play date with our neighbor Brennan. He is one month younger than Gabrielle. Their playtime the past couple of summers has been limited to time we have bumped into each other at the pool. Now that I am a stay at home mom I have the time to commit to making more friends here in the neighborhood. Jade is such a genuinely sweet gal who I really look forward to getting to know better. We look forward to lots more play dates with Jade and Brennan (and baby Brody due this fall) in the future.

I attempted to capture Brennan laying a kiss on Gabrielle.
Do I see a boyfriend in the making?

This is how I have found Gabrielle several afternoons this week. Our routine is for her to spend independent play time downstairs in our family room while Dawson takes his afternoon nap. It has become deadly silent after about 10 minutes and I will walk down to check on her and voila - sleeping beauty. My one and only complaint about her napping is she struggles to fall asleep. We have had two 10PM or later nights this week.
Our week also included a swim date with Navaeh and Marietta, a trip to the park followed by ice cream at Sonic with Tatum, a special evening with Mema & a 2nd play date at Brennan's Thursday while I took Dawson to the orthopedic specialist for a follow-up appointment. Bree will be here prior to noon today (Friday) to spend the remainder of the day playing while Tom and Lisa get settled at their new home.

It has been a week since my previous post ... things continue to be going extremely well with Gabrielle. I have enjoyed her outward expressions of affection and her sweet spirit. Her bumpy period of the day continues to be when Travis arrives home from work in the evening. She acts out vying for his attention. He has made a tremendous effort to spend one on one time with her daily which has been to our benefit.
Hope everyone has a terrific weekend! We have some fun plans for tomorrow if my back holds up. It has been causing me terrible pain again. This too shall pass (hopefully sooner than later)!

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