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Friday, June 6, 2008


Our families 1st visit to the neighborhood swimming pool.

Dawson was a fish and Gabrielle was a mermaid (her words).
Both my kids share a love for the water.

I took Dawson to get his 1st official professional haircut at Strandz with Ms. Jillian, my stylist. He couldn't have been any better. He was a ham for the ladies. He needed his hair trimmed around his ears, the necklace and a little length taken off the top prior to Aunt Pam's wedding this weekend.

Dawson posing with Jillian after his cut.

Dawson has had trouble producing shooeys (our family word for poo) on his own so sister asked if she could give him a bottle of apple prune juice this morning. It was so endearing to watch her mother him and sit patiently until the last drop was gone.
Now it is a waiting game ...

This picture was taken Wednesday as he was distressed & straining to push a shooey out. Poor little fella! Sorry for the details, but I thought the picture was too cute.

A love gesture saying "job well done brother ... you know how to polish a bottle off like a true pro. I love you, sister."

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