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Monday, June 9, 2008

Hicks - Theede Wedding

Gabrielle was honored to be the flower girl in her Aunt Pammie's wedding this past Saturday. This was her 2nd venture as a flower girl. Little Lucas (Brad & Pam's 1st grand baby) was the ring bearer. He is only a little over 2 months old therefore is not in the pictures.
Pam and Brad hosted the wedding at their home in the country which boasts beautiful greenery and a wonderful creek. It was such a neat ceremony true to who they are as a couple. Brad purchased Pam's wedding dress on clearance at a local Western Store. It fit her like a glove and she looked beautiful in it. Brad and his brother dressed in western shirts, jeans and cowboy hats.

The kiss

The wedding party from left to right: Shari (Pam's sister) - maid of honor, Gabrielle (niece) -flower girl, ? - pastor, Pam - bride, Brad - groom, Scott (Brad's brother) - best man

Uncle Darren with baby D
Dawson wasn't too sure what to think of Uncle Darren. This was his immediate reaction both times Darren attempted to hold him. Sorry Darren!!
I love this man and the women that my sister-in-law Shari has become since he came into her life. He is kind, fun loving, a Harley boy at heart & a member of the God squad (a group of guys that he works with that share their love of Christ & their passion for some online computer game that keeps Uncle Darren up all hours of the night!!!)

Travis with his 2 sisters
Shari on the left and Pamela on the right

Our nephew Dustin's girlfriend Nikki took a couple family photos for us.
It is sooooo difficult to get a decent shot of 2 adults + 2 little ones.

Dawson getting some cuddle time with GG
He partied as long and as hard as his little body would let him before finally crashing!

Just a fun pic I snapped of Travis and I after the champagne toast. He is even more uncooperative for the camera than the kids. I was glad to get a halfway decent shot as he is always contorting his face, sticking his tongue out, etc.

We enjoyed time away from home visiting with family. We ate entirely too much, slept entirely too little and came home with more than we left the house with.
Thanks Grandpa Dallas and GG for all the extras this trip!!! We are so grateful.


April D. Hunt said...

What a beautiful wedding! ...and your picture of the kiss is just fabulous. You're such a great photographer! Glad you had a great weekend.

emily said...

i answered your sewing question over on my blog today!
hope it helps!