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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Flying High

It was such a perfect evening and as with many other evenings we headed out to the backyard. I have been a little apprehensive to put Dawson in the outdoor swing as the safety strap is broken. I finally decided it was safe enough as I was within a hands reach from him.

He was so happy to be "flying high" feeling the cool breeze as he swung back and forth (and round and round when sister took a turn pushing!)

I don't wish for the day that he outgrows his baby fat rolls. I don't know what I will miss the most ... the cute dimples on his hands, his chubby wrists that camouflage his birthmark or his chunky thighs that are simply irresistible.

I chuckled as I was taking these pictures. I realized Dawson is wearing a Carters onesie that has an airplane that resembles the Little Tikes swing shape to a tee.
I was so excited because I found this exact same swing at a neighbors garage sale this weekend for a great price. The safety strap is in working order so now we just have to wait for Daddy to hang it which is on his to do list for tomorrow. More fun times ahead!
Pictures taken 05-23-08


Jason & Rene said...

He is such a smiling baby. Sweet baby D. We love him!!

Lisa said...

Dawson is so cute, I just love the pictures! Hope you are having a good day!
Love, Lisa