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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Annual Cookie Decorating

December and the Christmas season wouldn't be the same without our annual cookie decorating time with Mema. This year Mema prepared the cookie dough, cut out and baked the cookies a day ahead so the kids could get right to what they enjoy most ... frosting and decorating. 
This little artist was right in her element ensuring her cookies were masterpieces.
I immediately took Dawson up to the bathroom after the cleanup and remedied his helmet head by giving him a long overdue haircut.
Cookie decorating is serious business with my trio. It's not about speed or production, they focus on the final look of the cookie. Holly candies placed just so; sprinkles evenly dispersed; candy canes lined red & white. 
We laughed so hard because the instant McKenna finished decorating her 1st cookie she immediately devoured it without hesitation. Call me biased, but Mema's cut out cookie recipe can't be beat.  Even though she baked around 8 - 10 dozen they don't last long in our homes given the fact that each of our sweet tooth prevails.
My neighbor and friend pulled me aside just this afternoon and told me how she thinks we are so blessed to have my parents live a stone's throw away and we all agree. Blessed indeed!

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Anonymous said...

We had such fun! All of us ate way too many cookies though. MOM