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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas 2013

It wasn't the picturesque morning most parents envision.
In fact it was quite the opposite.
We woke just minutes before the kids so we all trickled downstairs to gather around the tree in preparation to open gifts. That is when all pandemonium broke lose between the two oldest in very short order.  One was blaming the other for peeking at the gifts or something to that affect but just envision voices and tempers escalating in seconds flat. Somehow we managed to settle down the forces just long enough for ONE gift to be opened. You read that right. One gift before attitudes became out of check again (mine included) and I called a family time out. A couple hours passed before the kids asked if we could revisit the gifts. I'm so relieved our 2nd attempt was a success. The kids were excellent and were thrilled with their gifts. Gabrielle's only wish, which came in late, was for another Vintage Pearl piece. Dawson wished BIG and asked for a Mustang - the real deal folks, not a matchbox, remote control, or toy model. We told him he needs to start saving his nickels and dimes now :)

In keeping with recording what the kids received this year (we follow the 3 gift "rule"):

Gabrielle -
Kindle Fire HD
Rainbow Loom tutorial book and storage case
Fleece leggings and cowl neck sweatshirt from Old Navy
I love that I captured her look of sheer surprise and excitement over her gift. Tears of overwhelming joy followed.

Dawson -
2 Lego City sets
{Nerf like} Bow and Arrow from Bass Pro
3 pair of {2nd hand} pants

Dawson whipped together this smaller Lego set in short order Christmas afternoon

McKenna -
McKenna the American Girl doll
Dream Lite
Carters fleece footie pajamas
McKenna tore into her AG doll immediately (ripping the box darn it!) and now has all the AG dolls housed in her Playskool Rose Petal Cottage. We renamed the doll baby Mackie to avoid any confusion. 

Family gift -
2 sets of Silly Hands identical to these but for a fraction of the cost. Honestly best gift ever and hysterical too!

I think in total we spent less than $175 for Christmas. Times called for resourcefulness and I'm so thankful for how well things played out with providing a wonderful Christmas for the kids. I picked up the Kindle on a screaming deal; we had $35 Bass Pro credit which covered the cost of the bow and arrow set; I bought the Legos on a B1G1 deal at Target and applied a $20 gift card I've had forever; the AG doll was purchased last year (thanks in part to GG paying for half) and tucked away until this year; and all the clothing items cost around $25 total out of pocket. Stockings were filled with gifts from Terry & Barb along with miscellaneous other fun finds.

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