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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Photo Dump

It's time for a photo dump of recent pics
It is love or hate around this house with these 3. They go from each other's best friend and playmate to being unkind to one another in the snap of a finger. Another snap of the finger and they are back in the friend zone. I missed this opportunity to video their deep belly laughs while piggy piling on one another Christmas afternoon.
Photo taken 12/25/2013
McKenna crawled onto the counter in hot pursuit of finding Makayla's pacifier stash. She (McKenna) gave hers up on August 23rd and this is the 1st time she snuck one into her mouth only to immediately be reprimanded. She quickly removed it with a look of shame on her sweet face. This is her cowering in hopes of not being seen. Stinker!
Photo taken 12/31/2013
This one can almost always be found during quiet time with her new Kindle in hand.
Photo taken 01/03/2014

This fiercely independent one was given NO choice but to say good bye to diapers in early January. All it took was me saying no more to diapers and placing them out of reach. Day 1 I gave her the incentive to earn 1 sticker with each potty made in the toilet and after earning 5 stickers she could have a bowl of ice cream. A little bribery proved for success! It has been 19 days since we began potty training and I am ELATED to share she is doing #1 and #2 in the potty and is accident free 98% of the time. Can I get a woot woot!
Potty training initiated and photos taken on 01/03/2014
Gabrielle received this American Girl self guided sew and stuff owl craft kit from Papa and Mema for her birthday. We took a good chunk of our Saturday afternoon and sewed the larger of the 2 owls. This one is for Gabrielle, the smaller owl will be for her dolls.
Crafternoon completed 01/04/2014
Gabrielle wasn't feeling her best and curled up on the couch to rest. It was a matter of moments before McKenna was right next to her. This picture pulls at this momma's heartstrings big.time! It represents what I had hoped and prayed for when we found out we were expecting McKenna Jane ... sisters loving one another, lifting one another up and unabashed laughter. My heart explodes at the sight of them together at times!
Photo taken 01/05/2014
If this photo could tell you it's story. Oh my! I try very hard to make one on one time in the afternoon with my little dude. Last week I was sitting down with him in the kitchen enjoying "us" time.  Some time had passed and the eery silence surrounding us grabbed my attention. That generally means one thing - Little Miss Mischief. I walked upstairs to find MJ in our master bedroom standing in the middle of a haze of white powder. A large section of carpet was matted and the furniture covered in a think film of white. That turkey got a hold of a large size bottle of baby powder and decided to powder her bottom only to empty it's entire contents! I grabbed the Dyson and began vacuuming holding my breath in hopes I wasn't causing any damage to the motor or components. After the powder clean up, the Dyson got a deep cleaning and is working good as new, PTL!

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