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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ms. G celebrates #9

New Year's Day marked another year in life for our #1, Gabrielle Annique. She wanted a small group of friends for a few games of bowling and a sleepover to celebrate her 9th. Wish granted!
These girls rocked the lanes at Mission Bowl.
Ava {far right} got a strike followed by a spare in the 1st round of bowling and Gabi got a spare.
Photo evidence of G's spare :)
It was really fun for me to watch the girls interact and giggle until I was sure they couldn't laugh any more. After bowling we returned home for pink lemonade cupcakes and ice cream sundaes in waffle bowls before the girls retreated to the basement for a movie, popcorn and theater candy. It is fair to say they were successfully sugared up yet amazingly well mannered!
Good morning bed head x 4!!!!
A big shout out and thanks to the Morris's for the FUN birthday spectacles! I'm sure these bad boys will make frequent return appearances over the years :)
Saturday morning we fixed Gabrielle's favorite breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.  She had invited five friends for her birthday but Tatum traveled to Oklahoma to celebrate Christmas the weekend of the sleepover and Harper woke with the stomach flu. 
Once again the iPhone saved the day in documenting Gabrielle's 9th birthday celebration * 
We gifted Gabi a protective case for her Kindle, a cardigan sweater and headband that coordinate with the wellies she received in her stocking for her AG dolls and an AG craft kit. Her friends were very generous in gifting her cash, new clothing from H&M (one of her favorite stores), Beat the Parents board game and friendship bracelet kit, loom accessories and a Tapefitti Art Desk Set

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