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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Little Miss Sunshine Turns 3

This sweet Sunshine turned 3 on January 11th
... and this is really how she felt about getting her picture taken :)
We invited her besties - Ellaina (pictured above), Hartley, Logann, Faith & Micah - to join us at Wonderscope Children's Museum for a morning of play. 
We had cupcakes and juice to fuel up for the fun.
Daddy did a little cupcake smash after she blew out the candle!
How is it possible that our baby girl is 3?!!!

McKenna Jane,
You are the sunshine of our lives! Because of you our days are brighter, more full of love & laughter and noise. Your personality exudes happiness. You love when we crank the zuzic (music) up loud and have dance parties; snuggling up in front of a cartoon; playing Barbies and baby dolls and play time with just about anyone.
Currently, you would eat an endless supply of fishies (Goldfish crackers) or fruit snacks;  watch countless episodes of Tom & Jerry; bathe a dozen times a week never growing tire of playing surfer girl and live in your footie pajamas if life allowed. You would also chose to spend 1/2 your days at Papa and Mema's house as they are your grown up best friends and you never tire of quality time with them.
We love you more than you could ever possibly know!
Mommy and Daddy


Lynee said...

Happy birthday MJ. You are a total cutie!! I'm glad my Micah gets to play with you. You guys are quite the Dynamic Duo. Love you sweet girl!

Paraguayita said...

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

This precious girl has personality plus and keeps us smiling or should I say laughing all the time. She knows her way around this mema's house and helps herself to whatever her little heart desires. Couldn't possibly love her more!