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Friday, March 21, 2008

6 months old

The day is here. Dawson has been a part of our family now for 6 months. Where has the time gone? It simply doesn't seem possible that it was 6 months ago that we entered the hospital to give birth to our sweet baby boy.

Papa made a surprise visit on Thursday and he helped me hang and adjust the Johnny Jumpup for Dawson to give a test run. The picture shows ... he loved it.

He kept his face fixed on his Papa and Mommy as the Johnny Jumpup twirled in circles. He didn't want to lose focus of his audience.

We introduced him to "solids" this week. He has tasted the fine cuisine of rice cereal, sweet potatoes and squash. I can't say he has a favorite at this time. I forgot the funny faces that little ones make when you are introducing something new to their taste pallets.

Gabrielle has surprised us the past several days by napping in the afternoon. We thought it was great that she napped UNTIL bed time and she continues to get out of bed a dozen or more times. This is how I found her asleep Wednesday evening. Sprawled out on the end of her bed, head down.
We aren't doing a traditional Easter baskets for the kids this year so Gabi was excited to receive a Easter basket at both Ms. Kim's on Thursday and a fantastic goodie bag from Bree today.

Gabi sporting Bree's sunshades. What a goofball! Every time I get the camera out lately she wants her picture taken.


Jason & Rene said...

I love these pictures!! Dawson is so cute!!!!! he is definately looking more and more like you. he is so handsome.
I'm envious of your johnny jump up. I bet baby d is having a blast in it!
see you later!

jeanna said...

i LOVE the pics of dawson on allyson's blog. beautiful!