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Friday, March 7, 2008

God is Good

What a blessing!!! We received a very generous grant in support of Dawson's cranial remolding helmet AND to top that Hanger Orthotic agreed to match the grant (in the form of a write off) to a certain monetary amount which left our family responsible for $300 of the total cost of $2500 for the helmet.
!!!Praise God!!!
I will post pics and tell of our experience at KU today over the weekend.
Here are a few recent pictures of our sweet baby boy

Dawson will play for long stretches of time with the toys on his swing tray
Photo taken 02/27/08

Daddy giving baby D a little lovin'
Photo taken 02/28/08
My most recent fav photo. How can that smile not melt your heart?
Photo taken 03/04/08

1 comment:

lizz said...

that is AWESOME!!! praise the lord - he is so good.

i am loving that last photo -- he has the sweetest smile. what a doll!