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Monday, March 31, 2008

Monkeying Around

There never ceases to be fun lingering when Papa is around. He is the king of monkey business and the kids just soak it up. I think their cheek muscles surely must be sore from all the smiling Papa makes them do.

Another sweet picture of my little girl who is growing up right before our eyes

I am once again so grateful that my Dad was able to take the time to accompany me to KU this past week for Dawson's helmet fitting appointment. They had told us to allow an hour. Well they were super busy and we ended up being there for well over two hours. Gabi was so incredibly well behaved that we rewarded her with yummy Mexican food at Mi Ranchito. She dove into the spinach cheese dip and chips and then went straight for dessert. I think she would live on sweets if we allowed it. She takes after her Mommy!

Here is picture numero uno of little D in his new fashion accessory.
He really is too cute in it!

He is very good about allowing us to put it on and take it off. He sweats profusely in it, but that was to be expected. I foresee a lot of onesies sporting chubby baby thighs this summer. Today is the 1st day that he will begin wearing it all day (23 out of 24 hours). Our nightly routine is to remove the helmet, one of us bathe Dawson while the other cleans the helmet, allow it time to dry thoroughly, then put it back on. I will post pictures of the new improved look of his helmet over the next couple of days. Thanks so much to Amy & Janie for shopping with me for stickers, etc. to decorate!

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Jason & Rene said...

those are cute pics! you have great parents! you are definately blessed.
hope to see you tomorrow at mops