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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Helmet Casting

This is our little man pre-measuring and casting...our usual happy, go lucky little fella

Travis captured a couple of good photos that show the deformity in Dawson's skull and the asymmetry in his facial features. You can see the bulge in his left forehead area and fullness of his cheek.

They placed a little poncho over his shoulders and then a "sock" over his head. As you can see this process did not make him a very happy little camper. Paulette kept saying "I promise I am not hurting him, he is just a little ticked off right now." She spoke words of truth.

The pacifier didn't provide much comfort but did buy us a second or two here and there

Dawson showed us his strength several times by overpowering his Mommy and throwing himself backwards

Almost done ...

It took all of 2 seconds for him to return to his normal calm natured self. All it took was a little sympathy hug and lots of kisses from Mommy.
We return in 3 weeks for his fitting and helmet education. The expectation is that Dawson will wear the helmet 23 out of 24 hours a day. We are to remove it to sanitize it and allow enough time for it to dry while bathing him. They prepared us by telling us to expect him to perspire pretty profusely while in the helmet. They gave us the analogy of the smell of a dirty, sweaty sock. Pleasing thought huh? I went prepared with several questions as any mother would do. I am at peace knowing we are doing what is best for his development.


Jenn said...

he'll still be handsome with the helmet on... love the full on, tongue hanging out dimpled grin picture! too cute!
love, jenn

Jason & Rene said...

I could barely read your blog because I had tears streaming down my face. What a sweet brave little boy. I cry because I am one of the few people who get the privilage of knowing how difficult and trying this whole experience has been for you. I love you and your family and my heart is breaking that this has been so tough. I know GOD is good and HE WILL matter what...

Allyson said...

hey! glad you were able to get some pics of dawson's head/helmet casting. i'm sorry i wasn't able to do that for you. travis did a great job though! and i think it is so great that you have some photo documentation of this process. it is definitely a journey that merits being told!