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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Trying Couple of Days

Where to start! Gabrielle attended preschool at Ms. Kim's Monday and Tuesday and wouldn't you know her cough is back with a vengeance!!! I was to have kept Bree yesterday which Gabi was really looking forward to but after a rough night of sleep disturbed by one cough after another I contacted Lisa and we both agreed it was best for Bree to keep her distance. I called the pediatrician and the nurse recommended I bring both kids in to be evaluated as Dawson woke up Tuesday and Wednesday morning with a nose full of green snot. The good news is both kids ears are clear, no signs of strep, RSV, the flu, etc. The doctor did put Gabi on an antibiotic as they had documented a phone call I made earlier in the month saying she had a bad cough for 3 days at the time of my call. We are dosing her with prescription strength cough medicine along with her antibiotic so I pray we are on the road to recovery. Dawson apparently just has the common cold however after evaluation and discussion we headed straight from SM Pediatrics to Children's Mercy South Radiology Department to have some x-rays done of his neck. We will return to see the pediatrician in the morning for test results and for Dawson's 6 month well-baby exam. We are scheduled to see the pediatric ophthalmologist on Monday the 24th and the pediatric orthopedist on Thursday the 27th. Last night was the night from the dark side. No lie! Dawson had another bout of extreme blood curdling crying/screaming that lasted off and on for 5 hours. No known cause and nothing, I repeat nothing, provided him any relief. It is in times like this that really surprise myself. I remained 100% calm and at peace. I just cradled him and did what I could to comfort him. My mom spent about an hour of this time with me and it upset her so much to see her grand baby in such distress. I will be so glad to get to the root of what is causing this. I plan to discuss this with Dr. Martin in the morning.
We saw Debbie, his physical therapist, this morning and she applied the tape (taping technique) to his back today in hopes of elongating the muscle on his left side. We can bathe him as usual and then remove the tape on Sunday evening. I will provide an update tomorrow.
I declared today a day off for myself and the kids. My house is screaming for some TLC as a result. It will just have to wait until another day. I did clean out the diaper bag, knock out 4 loads of laundry and did some purging of Gabrielle's summer wardrobe so I have a minimal sense of accomplishment. I am off to play with the kids. Here are a few pictures of Gabrielle enjoying the gorgeous day we had yesterday.

This is Gabi's most famous cheesy camera grin. She has been breaking out this infant hair bow that she wore as a newborn lately. Yesterday she wore it in this fashion (as photographed). Today she wore it as a necklace/neck accessory along with a 1/2 dozen other hair bands. Her imagination gets the best of her sometimes.

I have to give a big shout out to Rene' in celebration of her 32nd birthday today. I love ya girl!!

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