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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Deep Thinker

Gabrielle has taken me back with her perplexing thoughts and comments today. This morning as we were getting dressed to head out to Dawson's physical therapy appt (Gabrielle was being dropped off at Rene's to play with Tatum) she asked me "Mommy, did Jesus make baby Evan's heart so it won't pop and bleed anymore?" I said "Yes honey, Jesus fixed Evan's heart. He has a strong heart just like you and Dawson now." She then asked "Does Jesus live in Evan's heart?" I said "Yes." She then wanted to know if Evan lived in Jesus's heart too.
Several minutes later as she observed me nursing Dawson she said "Mommy, those are your boobies (argh, not the boob obsession again!). My boobies are very tiny, but when I get older they will be strong and big like yours." If only she knew my chest is pretty much non-existing. This afternoon as I was changing around laundry she came up behind me, threw her arms around my legs and said "Mommy, I love you. You're my friend. Jesus praises you for being nice to me." She often says "Bless my praises! or Praise Jesus!" I love that she has a toddler size relationship with Jesus Christ. We have been at church so much more often in the past several months that she now asks if she is going to class or going to play with her friends. I think she has established which are true church days and which are MOPS or Bible study "play dates." She always says with excitement in her voice"Here it is, here's my church" as we pull into the parking lot.
On to a different topic. We met with Debbie, Dawson's therapist this morning. She performed a thorough examination of Dawson. We received both good and bad news. The good is that Dawson is right on target developmentally. She is very pleased with his tracking, social skills & his ability to reach and grasp objects. The bad news is that his condition has not improved, rather worsened to the extent that he now has hip involvement. I was taught some stretching exercises that I will put into practice immediately. We will return in one week from today to try a taping technique. Dawson is scheduled for his follow-up consultation tomorrow afternoon at KU Medical Center downtown. I am anxious to receive his measurements to determine if there has been improvement in the shape of his skull in the past five weeks. We are prepared for him to be casted for a helmet if necessary. I will post more on this topic tomorrow when more information is made available to us. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as the past couple of days have been trying as Dawson hasn't been sleeping well and has been dealing with some unknown pain. He cries out in discomfort and is unable to settle himself easily. It breaks my heart to have him cry. He goes from my sweet baby boy one minute to raging baby the next.
This too will pass ...

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Anonymous said...

thanks for updating on dawson. will be praying for you guys and your sweet baby boy. it's hard when you feel almost helpless when they cry like that. let me know if i can do anything to help out.

love your deep thinker, brendan is the same way...except the boob thing, that's aidan. :)